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Be Safe Digital Safeguarding young people through  technology and innovation

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Our Values

We believe that technology should be used as a force for good in this world. That's why we are dedicated to using the latest technology to create unique and bespoke learning experiences for people. 

What We Do

​We specialise in creating high impact digital workshops which address important social issues

Examples of our work

St Philips Centre - AR Roadshow

The AR Roadshow is a unique way to teach young people about the worlds religions. It features 10 different faiths and is taken to schools across the country. Each faith has an interactive character which gives an introduction to each individual religion. Groups can then scan cue cards with an I pad and learn more about each religions festivals, holy books and places of worship. 

St Philips Centre - Real Talk

Real Talk uses technology to deliver real life stories from people who have experienced extremism in a safe and welcoming environment. The workshop covers many different topics including online safety, radicalisation and the political spectrum.

Our Clients


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